Republic of the Philippines
Municipality of Nabas
Province of Aklan

Nabas is more than blessed and more than lucky enough to be given a chance among 17 municipalities of Aklan to pilot for a face to face learning to be conducted at Laserna Integrated School. Just this afternoon, October 18, 2021, at around 1400H, the Regional Incident Monitoring Team (RIMT) composed of several sectors from the Region such as Office of the Civil Defense 6, DOH6, BFP Regional Office, Philippine Army and DSWD6 conducted an actual visit to Laserna Integrated School to monitor, check the area, make sure that all minimum health protocols are met and in place, Contingency Plan in times of unexpected problems that might arise.The LGU Nabas thru Mayor James V. Solanoy, MDRRMC Chairman committed to assist and support Laserna Integrated School thru the active leadership of mam Rosalie Dela Torre , Principal to make the pilot activity a success. He is also envisioning of allowing all schools of Nabas to have a face to face learning (if allowed by the Regional IATF and approved)Your Nabas MDRRMO supports Mayor James on his plan by sharing some of our lohiatics to Laserna Integrated School.We will :

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